Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The one about Lyrical Interpretation

So I made the switch to Facebook last month after about 8 months of avoiding it. I figured I didn't need another internet site to keep up on. I had Twitter (sort of) and my blog, which I wasn't doing very well with anyway. I used to really post here a lot. I miss that. Facebook has not replaced my blog, but has become more of a second blog, like a Blog-Lite, if you will. I love seeing friends and family there and keeping tabs on them so easily with little one-liner posts throughout the day. :)

I am still looking to track down more of my friends on Facebook! Come see me there:

In the meantime, I am down to one art project. A book collaborative called Lyrical Interpretation headed up by my friend Lee Weber! Its so fun--every book has a theme which is dictated by a song of the artist's choosing. I'm still into the semi-dark genre and all around general spookiness so I chose the song Full Moon by the Black Ghosts (yeah, I know---its from the Twilight movie).

Here's my book: