Friday, February 22, 2008

The one about the chocolate-covered cinnamon bears

These innocent-looking things aren't innocent at all. I don't usually go for cinnamon candy, but smother them in chocolate and I am in trouble. And they are so soft, too! You'd think the chocolate coating would make it so they can't say anything, but they still call to me.
The Contours Express near me closed for good the beginning of February. WAHHHHHH!

There is a new Anytime Fitness right near Contours and I started going there. Not really crazy about working out with men around. Don't like that. I guess its better to be seen exercising than eating MacDonald's in my car (not that I do that). The first day there I thought the trainer was going to kill me! It was a harder workout than I was used to. Very sore afterward, but a good sore.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The one about February 11th

I am slow in getting around to this, but a page of mine was up on the Autumn Leaves calendar on Monday. I used the Stampin' Up stamps that I bought from Erica. :)

Thursday, February 07, 2008

The one about Winter Whites

My Winter Whites collection of goodies has just been listed. Finally. I needed to get it together and listed before winter ended. LOL I have been hoarding white/sepia/cream colored elements for a while and actually had more than I thought, so I'll be listing more of these. All of them will a little different, as I had so many things to add to them!

I just bought more yummy red and pink ribbon and have more of these listed! They are going faster than I expected. :) I also have other Valentine goodies for sale. I am actually quite sorry Valentine's Day is almost here, I have been having so much fun creating valentine things for my shop.

Monday, February 04, 2008

The one about the pretty valentine goodies

I had a blast putting these kits together for my shop. I meant to have them up for sale weeks earlier, but was just too busy. All these little items are favorites of mine! Not all are old and vintage, but a lot of it is. I selected them because they look good together! They will make beautiful Valentine cards, tags, artwork, whatever! I just listed one kit and will have three more in the next day or two.
My friend Julie, has kits for sale as well. And I believe all her items are vintage. She really knows all the cool places to find old pretty things. She is the one who let me in on where to buy old paper lace!

Friday, February 01, 2008

The one about Artful Blogging

Gosh, I haven't been keeping up on blogging (again).

I said at the beginning of the new year that I wanted to put more pictures of myself here instead of hiding, like I usually do. Well, here I am ---this is hard for me (I look so OLD!!). I must say I wasn't ever expecting an email from the staff of Artful Blogging last fall about being in their publication. The first issue was so full of superstars!! Anyway, it was pretty cool. LOL
see it here (scroll down for my article)

My friend Julie is in there with me!