Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The one about the finished page

It bothers me when I am not happy with something. This one just isn't working for me. I find it unfabulous. I feel like it doesn't need anything more, but as a whole, it looks too simple. Maybe I'll end up doing something more to it.
I like the story, though. :)

The one about cute Savannah

She was so cooperative, so these were easy to get.
(still frustrated with studio lighting, though)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

The one about the Healey Thanksgiving photo

MIL propped her camera on the fence and got this one. Rob's parents, nine siblings, six spouses, tons of cousins, one boyfriend, and one fiancee. Whew!

The one about the portraits

I spent some time Thanksgiving morning and also on Friday getting some long overdue pictures of the whole family, individually. Amelia wouldn't cooperate at all and all of her pics pretty much stink. Savannah did great. Austin and Bobby didn't want me to take their pictures, so I have a lot of pics of angry expressions.
This is the only good one I got of Austin.
I felt like pulling out my hair the whole time I was shooting these kids.
I am happy with this one, though!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

The one about the beach

Debra's handmade Alphabetica journal is so beautiful! It was fun working in it.
This is what I made...I am not sure if it is finished, though. I kinda wandered when creating it.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The one about the haircuts

We spent a lot of time today at Great Clips. They are so understaffed. We put our names on the list and came back later. Then, we still had to wait over an hour for our turn.
The girls got a nice trim and a new shape. Especially Amelia, who needed LOTS of shape and her uneven mess fixed. I uploaded one of her curls that the stylist gave me. I would have added a pic of the kids' new hair, but they totally mentally drained me today.
I do plan to take studio photos in the morning...of everyone, even Rob.
Oh, Bobby is still mad for having to get a shorter haircut, and stayed in his room the rest of the day. We told him he can grow it out again, if he can keep it washed from now on.
hee hee.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The one about the 45 minutes and the stamps

I spent some time finishing up preparing some new unmounted stamps. I added foam and sticky to the backs of them and got them into my binder. This is one of my favorite pages in my binder---stamps by Purple Onion Designs.

Earlier this afternoon, I had 45 minutes all alone! Not that I don't love my kids, it's just nice to have a break. Amelia's preschool overlapped with Savannah's kindergarten. I was able to finish up my assignment for Autumn Leaves (which is going to be so COOL, when I can let the cat outta the bag) I also listened to my music while working. Van Halen, Enigma, Collective Soul, Smashmouth...

When Rob got home he said I was in a good mood. I said, "It was the 45 minutes!"

Thursday, November 16, 2006

The one about yesterday

  • my hair looked bad
  • went to B&N and bought those glue sticks Teresa tempted me with! They smell so good, I want to eat them.
  • finally replaced Savannah's lost immunization record. Never lose one of those ---it's a huge hassle.
  • thought about getting an Easy Bake Oven for Savannah for Christmas.
  • wondered why so many kids now-a-days don't wear their coats. Its cold outside!
  • left my cell phone at my sister's house.
  • didn't make it to the post office.
  • noticed the spiders haven't moved into our house for the winter. Now, that is strange.
  • paid $2.16 a gallon for gas. The price has come down so much in so short of time I feel like it's practically free.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The one about the ghost story

Thank you Debbie and Joan for helping me with my story!

I am going to put a ghost story twist to Joan's idea. It was Debbie's idea to use the haunting part.
It's a story waiting to be told.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The one about Lynne Perrella

I chose the letter L in Leticia's Alphabetica journal because I am inspired by Lynne Perrella. This doll was harrrrrrrd!! But then I have to remember I am not Lynne Perrella!
I bow to her talent.
I put the close-up shots of the doll HERE.

On Lynne's website she has a section of found object assemblages she calls Bundles. She says:

I am always searching for the possibilities that reside in
discarded, forgotten things. Thrown-away photos, a ball of string, a bale of
rusted wire, old dusty cardboard. I believe such things provide the hinges for
the Universe. Their unguarded simplicity speaks to me. These things have been
passed through many hands, and seem to ask to be recognized, once and for all.

I feel the same way about ordinary things. Gimme the junk anyday.

Monday, November 13, 2006

The one about the sickies

Three sick kids home from school today. Lunchtime...Ramen.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

The one about LOST

So we are addicted!
Rob had the first disc of season one of LOST sent from NetFlix and I was like, "why did you get this?" (This whole time I thought it one of those reality shows...we don't like reality TV).
I guess I was way off and have been missing two years of a really well-written show! But on the other hand, if we had become hooked since the first airing, we would have been tortured every week by having to wait for the next week's episode.
I just want to sit and watch them all now.

So far we have seen the first 12 episodes. Sometimes it really gives me the creeps...all that sneaking around in the jungle. Even the music is creepy. :)

Dude, I think Hurley is my favorite character.

Friday, November 10, 2006

The one about free buttons

I love these Foof buttons more than anything! (So does Laura and her friend Jane. hee heee) I have quite a stash but it is getting out of hand so I thought it would be fun to give a bag away! The winner gets to choose the collection.

Free buttons!

I am still looking for more story and name suggestions for the post below. A huge bag of hundreds of different buttons will be the prize, in addition to a copy of the finished artwork, to the person(s) coming up with something I can use in my story.

contest ends Tuesday November 14, 10 pm MST

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The one about the contest


I asked Heather and she said it would be okay if I did this too, but I need help coming up with a story and names for these girlies. We are in the same project together. I love this photo--they are so cute.

And like Heather, I will send out goodies and a copy of the finished piece to whomever comes up with something I end up using in my story about them.

More than one person may end up contributing.

Monday, November 06, 2006

The one about nothing

I am finally getting over being sick for a week.

I am obsessed with old metal buttons on ebay. I want them all.

Today I thought I really need a change in my days. I should find a friend and go out to lunch. If only Amelia had a pause button.

Found this today:

The worst thing about work in the house or home is that whatever you do is
destroyed, laid waste, or eaten within twenty four hours.

~ Lady Kasluck ~

Friday, November 03, 2006

The one about the hot cheese drink

Yesterday for lunch I was making macaroni and cheese for the girls. Austin was home sick and wanted hot chocolate. I had the macaroni boiling on the stove, and the mug of water heating in the microwave. I had two packets of powder on the counter...the cheese and hot chocolate.

Austin jokingly said, "Mommy, what if you accidentally put the cheese in my drink instead of the chocolate mix?"

I was like, "yeah, right."

I should be used to it by now, but it did surprise me when I realized what I had done. Austin thought it was funny, though.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The one about the spirit cards

I am in a group of artists who are doing a swap/collaborative project called spirit cards. I am such a dummy and didn't even know for sure what it was, but signed up anyway because I love doing projects.
As it turns out, we just make a simple folder or pocket to hold all ten cards. My folder says Feed Your Spirit on the front. Each card has a word to be used as inspiration. We send off our folder with one card already completed.

I decided to use the six B's from President Hinkley's talk to the youth in 2000:

Be grateful
Be smart
Be clean
Be true
Be humble
Be prayerful

Then I added four more, that I thought I personally needed, to make ten total.

The one about the folder

Blogger is being a real bugger and giving me a hard time with uploading photos. It wouldn't let me add the photo of the folder for the cards, to the other post.