Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Garland for sale

I have seven more garlands in the works, and I have one completed! I can't get in touch with the first person who expressed interest, though. LindaSonia---email me thru the link to the right. Your garland is ready, if you are still interested :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

The one about Somerset Life

I just now got my comp issue, and oh my gosh....I'm ON THE COVER!!!!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

the one about eggs

Happy Easter!
Savannah is up on the calendar this weekend :) I wish it were a more religious photo today, but that's all I've got. We always make sure our kids know the true meaning of Easter (and Christmas). That it's not all about the candy. This year we colored the eggs after church instead of the day before, since we don't let the EB hide the real eggs the night before anyway. I liked the change.
Last night after baths, Amelia and Savannah got their nails done in light pink, and Amelia slept with a head full of rollers.

I got this from a friend about ten years ago and we do it every year. Its such a cool idea.
I just remembered I had all the materials scanned, or I would have posted it sooner. Each photo can be enlarged for better viewing. Each of the 11 items in the scan are put into 11 different plastic Easter eggs, each with its corresponding number written in marker on the outside. The twelfth egg is left empty, to represent the empty tomb. Follow the instructions of the pages above.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The one about the Beautiful Scraps

Fresh macaroons, pink berries, blue bird songs, brides, and cupcake sprinkles....These newest additions to my shop have been in the works for a month now.

I get creative goosebumps looking at all the goodies I have amassed and assembled together. They are like works of art---small, wrapped works of art on a tag!

I have just a few of each set, so get them while you can. :)

Oh....I got tired of trying to find real vintage millinery flowers...the beautifully imperfect ones that are faded, maybe a little ragged, and slightly I made some of my own! They are included on most of my Beautiful Scraps sets.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The one about the banner

Teresa gave me permission to show my project from her Bellatoria e-zine and I put it up for sale! See it here

This is the original, although I will be making more (well, if that one sells LOL)

Again, I had a blast making the garland for her Ballatoria and I was really flippin over her projects--its an awesome zine to check out!

Monday, March 10, 2008

the one about this and that

Been neglecting the ole blog much too much lately!
here's whats been going on:

Amelia turned five and we took her to Build-a-Bear. She picked out an orange cat just like Savannah's.
She also got a bike, which she LOVES.

I am a guest artist for Teresa on her Bellatoria e-zine! My project was up today. Can't really show my project here, (wish i could!) you'll have to sub to her e-zine to see all that's been going on. I have had a peek and you won't be disappointed! Teresa is full of amazing projects and ideas. whew!
Always working on the Etsy shop. I know it doesn't always look like it---wish there were more hours in a day! I have been shopping and making and thinking and hope to get more new things listed soon!

I have a whole bunch of these pics of little Amelia. When I am taking pictures for my shop, she is playing next to me. She loves it when I take photos of her toys. "Here, Mommy, take a picture of THIS."
I got a present in the mail from Kim a few weeks ago! (has it been that long??) fun stuff just out of the blue! She's the best :) I've already used about half of the ledger papers!

That's all for now! :)

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The one about Winter's End

Around here it thinks it wants to be warm, but then goes back to the tired cold snow flurries that don't stick and blustery wind. But you can tell spring is on its way!

I have just one more Winter Whites Collection of artistic goodies for sale. This will be the last one as winter is winding down. my shop for more of these!! I listed two but they went within a day. I will be making and listing A LOT more!

Monday, March 03, 2008

the one about the swing

(click to enlarge)

Amelia's up on the calendar today. This is one of my favorite photos and scrapbook layouts. :)