Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The one about the Clearance Sale!

I need to get rid of the Halloween items and artwork in my shop.
Sooooo......go see. :)

Halloween Clearance Sale

...and some spooky Halloweenie pictures....

Taken last October in the Utah mountains at Cascade Springs. There was a huge fire the year before and had blackened so many areas. Here, it has just rained, making the colors very vivid.

These two cemetery photos were from our vacation to the victorian town of Ferndale, Northern California in 2005. Really creepy cemetery up the side of a hill. You can also see this town and the cemetery in the Jim Carrey movie The Majestic.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The one about the Halloween project

I really have had lots to blog about this month--just haven't been getting around to actually doing it.

We had art group last week (I always so look forward to art group!). I even remembered my camera but I don't like the way I look in the photo so I'm not going to post it. lol We have a new meeting place and its going to work out great---and its really close for me.

Sherri and Julie got together and came up with a really fun project for us to make. The Halloween shadow boxes. They also loaded us up with the neatest little bags of halloweenie art material. I wish I had thought to take a picture of it all before I used a bunch of it. Julie gave me the idea for the "gnawing large holes" ---she saw it on the text in my shadow box background.
I couldn't decide on a photo so I just posted a bunch.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The one about my Raven

This came in the mail yesterday---bought him on eBay. I have wanted one of these for a while now. It took me several years to find one that I liked. It is a little startling actually, to see him sitting there in the living room before realizing he's fake. About ten years ago I saw a stuffed one in a museum in Mesa Verde, Colorado. That one was so big and black and beautiful and cool-looking. Mine is just for Halloween. I am sure I would be thought of as weird if I left him out all year (and he'd get dusty and I hate to dust).

Monday, October 15, 2007

The one about more Black Magic

I added some more Black Magic collage elements. Go shopping. :)

Friday, October 12, 2007

The one about the book winners!!

My local buddy Erica won a book for the longest list given...

and then I drew names for the other three books....

Lee who listed Linkin Park--my new favorite band!! Such rowdy music but with depth in every song. Who'd have thought I'd love that loud electric guitar as much as I do. My son has been a fan of theirs for years and I finally gave them a try a couple months ago. Love at first listen.

Laura is my diet challenge buddy!!

and Joy, whom I do not know, but I am so glad she posted! She just started a blog of her own and I like the name she gave it: The Torn Page.

thank you everyone who posted---I had fun :)

I did NOT get the Black Magic kits listed to Etsy this afternoon. I am really bummed about that. :( I had a crazy day (the kids are out of school today) and never got a chance to photograph the materials for the kits (and my camera battery died and the light was crappy due to an overcast sky.) My plan is to try again tomorrow.

The one about the contest

I need to do the drawing for the free Designing With Details books! I will be doing that this evening and also listing a bunch of neat stuff on Etsy. hee hee

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The one about the desktop

I was tagged by my friend Janna. This game I had not seen before. To show my desktop! I especially liked this one because I finally learned how to do a screen capture (thanks Janna!). My desktop is pretty simple.....not lots in the way of icons. Rob put the goodies on the right for me. One is a constant slide show of all my photos! I do like my desktop image----my good-looking husband. Or I guess I should say my Old Man, since I took this on the day of his 39th birthday. yikes!
I have a few blog posts that I need to get going on. One of them is there will be more Black Magic kits and other Halloween goodies in my etsy shop soon! I just couldn't help myself, they are so much fun.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

The one about new music

Want a free book???

I have four copies to give away...

I just need some help in return.

it's an easy request, though.

I need some new music. I need suggestions because I think it is easier to find music from someone's suggestions rather than just waiting to hear something on the radio that I like. There is so much out there anymore that I'm not familiar with.

Like, music from this century. hee hee

I have this box of Designing With Details books here that I have for a while but didn't really say anything since I am not happy with the work I did (I was very uninspired last summer!). But the books are just sitting here....waiting for someone to look at them and enjoy them. The other scrapbook pages in this book are pretty cool!

So....leave me a comment that includes your playlist of songs (nothing older than the last 7 years or so). I am gonna give a book to the one with the longest list of music for me to look into, but I will also do a drawing for three more books that I will give away!!!

I would describe my favorite music to be alternative rock, post grunge, alternative metal..whatever you wanna call it. Maybe even a little industrial and goth.

...and here's a silly pic of me. :O

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The one about another background

This one is a huge 16" x 20". I like canvases big. I like art to be big. I won't buy small art, either. Of course this one has been started even though I never finished anything beyond the background on the last project. Maybe I should just stick to backgrounds, huh?
I used strips of different book papers with layers of gel medium, gesso, and watercolor crayons scrubbed into the edges and crevices, after I washed the color into the surface, let it pool and dry. fun! I do have more planned for this one still!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The one about more wedding photos