Monday, January 25, 2010

The one about Amelia's art journals

In my art group meeting last Thursday, we worked in our art journals, and did Amanda's version of Mary Ann Moss's sewn paper scraps art journals. Above is my spread that I did in a sketchbook. I focused on my daughter's drawings. I pasted in a drawing of her favorite character, Me-me, who is drowning in a chocolate river. Apparently she had done this sketch after seeing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. lol
Not to discount the artistic abilities of my other kids, but I tend to harp on Amelia's talent because she is so free and expressive and creative! Things I struggle with.
Below is a pile of some of Amelia's little books she is constantly making by stapling together (I always find my stapler in her room) and filling with drawings.

If you are having trouble reading Amelia's words in her art, it is because she is an amazing phonetic speller and is constantly getting frustrated by the real spellings of the English language. lol

I had Amelia add little drawings here and there to this spread. :) it was fun!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The One About The Studio Cleaning

This is the mess I have been working on lately.

Last year I was contacted by Somerset Studios about having my studio photographed for their art studio/room/space publication. Ha ha ha. I don't think so. Besides, I have a hole cut in my ceiling from fixing the roof where the melting snow came in and ruined it. Ugh.
I have lots of cool collage fodder and not enough room for keeping it, nor good way of organizing it all. Very frustrating, huh?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The one about the pile 'o books

For some reason I really got back into reading after I read Twilight a few years back. I got to the end of that book and just keep going. I now have a trail of books that I have read. I can't get enough reading.
Thank-goodness for the many Amazon GCs I received for my birthday and Christmas this past month! So hard not to blow it all at once, ya know?

Also, my friend Amanda turned me on to paperbackswap a couple of years ago and I have traded so many books thru that site.

Like my friend Amy Grendell, I am hooked on YA novels. We both seem to read the same stuff. At the same time I have been obsessed with Chernobyl. I remember when that happened when I was in 11th grade and it scared me. I recently saw the Destination Truth team go in into Pripyat a few months ago and I have been hooked on it ever since. It is terrifying and interesting at the same time. I had three books going on Chernobyl and have finished all but one.

If you are on Goodreads, come be my friend and we can recommend books to one another. :)

Monday, January 04, 2010

The one about vintage lace

It's been a long time!

I thought I'd share what I do in my "spare" time. Not that anyone really has any spare time---lol---but when I'm watching TV with DH and I need something to do with my hands....

I crochet little edgings with size 60 or 80 crochet thread. I have nothing really in mind for these, but I do them all the same length, about 24 inches long. Since you can't find patterns like this nowadays, I buy vintage crochet pattern books published the 1930's, 40's and 50's. I am NOT a doily person. You won't find any doilies in my house, but I do love the look of these delicate laces.