Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The one about the haircuts

We spent a lot of time today at Great Clips. They are so understaffed. We put our names on the list and came back later. Then, we still had to wait over an hour for our turn.
The girls got a nice trim and a new shape. Especially Amelia, who needed LOTS of shape and her uneven mess fixed. I uploaded one of her curls that the stylist gave me. I would have added a pic of the kids' new hair, but they totally mentally drained me today.
I do plan to take studio photos in the morning...of everyone, even Rob.
Oh, Bobby is still mad for having to get a shorter haircut, and stayed in his room the rest of the day. We told him he can grow it out again, if he can keep it washed from now on.
hee hee.


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