Friday, November 10, 2006

The one about free buttons

I love these Foof buttons more than anything! (So does Laura and her friend Jane. hee heee) I have quite a stash but it is getting out of hand so I thought it would be fun to give a bag away! The winner gets to choose the collection.

Free buttons!

I am still looking for more story and name suggestions for the post below. A huge bag of hundreds of different buttons will be the prize, in addition to a copy of the finished artwork, to the person(s) coming up with something I can use in my story.

contest ends Tuesday November 14, 10 pm MST


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The mother, Elise, is a busy woman. There's so much canning to do, laundry to get up on the line, and meals for the men once they get in from the fields. The photographer had been scheduled to come, but she was so busy that it slipped her mind. When she saw the photographer pull up in his buggy and big camera, she quickly got the girls dressed. Emma, the youngest, just had to wear her necklace and bracelet, and it took a few minutes to find them and get them on. Sarah, the older daughter, isn't as thrilled to wear the dress-she'd rather be playing with the kittens in the barn-but she reluctantly agrees to the bow in her hair. Elise finally gets the girls ready and quickly puts on her dress. She doesn't have time to fix her hair, but well, it would be vain of her to worry too much about her looks, anyway. She and the girls pose for their portrait, but Emma is a little afraid, so she makes sure her mother's hand is nearby so she feels safer. Elise is sure that the girls' father will love the portrait she will give him for Christmas, but knows that she's used most of her pin money for this photo and may have to explain to the father where the money came from.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!


8:41 PM, November 10, 2006  
Blogger Debbie said...

sorry cant concentrate on the story - i just see buttons!! LOL

pmsl good luck with the book marilyn im sure it will be fab no matter what the theme!

8:18 AM, November 11, 2006  
Blogger Heather Simpson-Bluhm said...

Dang, now I have to try to come up with a story to win those buttons!! But I had other people come up with a story for me! My birthday is the 15h.. how's that? LOL

Hmm, thinking cap on.

9:06 PM, November 11, 2006  
Blogger beth said...

Ohh....I'm having trouble wtih my own story for the same project, but I did have a little something come to me when I first saw the picture. It goes like this....
This was the first time Kathryn had ever allowed a photo of her and the girls. The oldest daughter, looking just like her mama was only a half sister to Isabella....nobody in town knew there were two different fathers involved in Kathryn's life and she feared that in a photo, someone would point out that the girls really didn't favor each other and questions and rumors would start to float around the small town of Booneville. (oh my !!!!)

4:28 PM, November 12, 2006  

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