Sunday, September 03, 2006


ELAINE: I love shrimp! (Waves her knife around as she's talking) I'm a shrimp eater. You put shrimp infront of me, (Waves her knife along with her hand gestures) and I will eat it until my stomach pops!

The Andrea Doria ---1996

Another Seinfeld moment. One of several that jump into my brain throughout my day, every day.

I love cherries. You put cherries in front of me, and I will eat them until my stomach pops! I am still finding them at the store this late into the year, so I keep buying them. I look forward to them every summer (along with corn on the cob).

The taste reminds me of summer at my grandma's house.

Of course grocery store cherries aren't as good as the ones that grew on my grandma's huge tree. I used to climb up into that tree, eat cherries, and spit cherry pits down onto whomever was underneath.

hey!! The bowl the cherries are in was my grandma's before she passed away.


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